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Breton Air is Cape Breton’s premier helicopter charter and utility aviation company.

Services are provided for the Maritimes’ most exclusive lodges, retreats, and golf courses. We offer bespoke excursions to some of Canada’s most outstanding locations; including world class fly-fishing, heli-hiking, and Cape Breton Highlands National Park’s famed autumnal colours.

Come see the unforgettable sights of Nova Scotia’s ocean playground from the air, as viewed by the many eagles that patrol our skies. Our high-performance helicopters provide safe, efficient travel to enjoy the astounding experiences around our rock in the sea. From the rugged coastline of the Cabot Trail to the soft powder sand of our majestic golf courses, we are the charter of choice for the adventurous few.

About us

Our Story

In late 2016, two Royal Canadian Air Force Officers were approached with an opportunity of a lifetime. The need was there for safe, executive, high performance helicopter services for those who set their sights on the Maritime Provinces for adventure, relaxation and golf. Captains (now retired) Parker Horton and Matt Wallace seized the opportunity and registered the company in January 2017. By studying market requirements and dynamics, the founders spent two and a half years planning and preparing for the precise helicopter services the region required. Delivering upon these needs, Breton Air was born.

Based at J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport in Sydney, Cape Breton, charter services are offered in concert with Gateway Sydney’s executive lounge (fixed-based operator), and Maritime Air Charter’s fixed-wing extended reach. Conveniently located for all this region has to offer, including a “Top 10” world’s best golf course, Breton Air is your link to the Links.


Friends, co-workers and officers in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Parker and Matt have always been eager to work together in business. Each having a diverse skill set, they have combined knowledge from their professional careers to co-found Breton Air. Parker spent his military career as a logistics expert and contract manager for the multi-billion-dollar CH-148 Cyclone helicopter, and is also an Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) graduate. Matt, a CH-124 Sea King Maritime Helicopter Crew Commander, has flown thousands of hours off of navy frigates and destroyers around the globe. Together they create a management team that has worked hard since 2016 to meticulously assess the current helicopter requirements in the Maritimes.

Utilizing their connections through the RCAF, Parker and Matt rely on a robust network of highly qualified RCAF Pilots and technicians to provide safe, effective and reliable services to every client of Breton Air. Whether conducting utility lift operations, long-range over-water excursions or VIP transportation in the region, Breton Air pilots will have RCAF wings on their chest and a career of experience from flying in harsh environments all over the world. This approach of hiring such well-trained pilots and technicians will be the backbone of safely conducting flight operations.

Hailing from Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton Island respectively, Parker and Matt, have a sound knowledge of the area, along with many connections throughout the region who are eager for the development of Breton Air and services it will provide. This network has grown substantially over a few short years and continues to be the driver, inspiration and litmus of developing Breton Air.


Created with the combined skills of professional pilots, technicians and executives, Breton Air has formed a team of industry leaders in their specific skill sets to form its team.

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Parker Horton


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Matt Wallace


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Gilbert Laffin

Chief Engineer


Breton Air’s Bell 206LR (Long Ranger) single-engine helicopter is optimized for economy, small groups, and romantic excursions.

The Long Ranger is a proven passenger and utility helicopter with an excellent safety record. With executive seating for 5 (and a maximum of 6) guests, the helicopter is the ideal platform for airborne sightseeing of Cape Breton’s Highlands. Whether it is cruise ship tours, heli-hiking/fishing or golf charters, the Long Ranger is the safe and economical choice for your small party flights.

Breton Air is happy to work with you to accommodate any demands for other sporting activities or utility applications on request.

Breton Air's Bell 412HP (High-Performance) twin-engine helicopter is customized for passenger comfort and safety.

With such a large seating and cargo capacity, it's possible for large groups to arrive en masse, in style. The capability of having a maximum seating configuration of up to 10 passengers with golf clubs and luggage in tow will be beneficial to all resort related travels around the region. The aircraft has a spacious 208 cubic feet interior, Bose noise cancelling headsets and additional avionics for enhanced safety.

Breton Air is happy to work with you to accommodate any demands for other sporting activities or utility applications on request.

Bell 412HP Capabilities:
Cruising Speed: 230km/h (124kt)
Long Range Cruising Speed: 241km/h (130kt)
Range: 745km (402nm)
Empty Weight: 3066kg (6759lb)
Max Takeoff Weight: 5397kg (11,900lb)
Maximum Weight of an External Sling Load: 2040kg (4500lb)
Bell 412HP Safety:

The Bell 412HP has a 1342kW (1800shp) takeoff rated PT6T3BE Turbo Twin-Pac engine system that allows for 100 shaft horse power for every hole of golf you’ll play that day.For one-engine-inoperable flight, the Bell 412HP produce a single-engine maximum power of up to 723kW for 30 minutes. In laymen’s terms, we’re going to get you home, safely, every time.

As an added bonus, the operational history of the PT6 Twin-Pac engine has the lowest in-flight shutdown rate of any turboshaft engine. Breton Air is very proud to offer this level of redundancy to its clients.

To account for the rugged maritime environment, the Bell 412HP will be equipped with a flotation system and life raft for client safety. There will also be PFDs provided for each passenger under their

Bell 412HP Range:

When departing from Sydney Airport and travelling at a cruise speed of 124 knots, Breton Air can reach almost all of the Maritime Provinces within a one-hour flight. Where ground transportation is limited by the combination of rugged terrain, along with oceanic coastline, the local geography boasts efficient helicopter travel times to almost all corners of the region. The figure shows a reach capability within a one hour flight on the left.

With a 402 nautical mile range of the Bell 412HP the figure on the right shows which regions are accessible on a 2-hour 45-minute flight from Sydney, Nova Scotia. This makes Sable Island, Maine, Quebec, and Newfoundland all easily within reach



Breton Air is based at the J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

The airport is a short 12-minute drive from Nova Scotia's second largest city which boasts year-round entertainment, local musical talent, fresh seafood, waterfront hotels, cruise ship terminals and even a casino!

Sydney Airport


Gateway Sydney has a full range of FBO services to fulfil all requirements for private aviation.

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Breton Air has entered into partnerships with the three major civil aviation companies in Nova Scotia.

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