Forrest Fire Suppression

At Breton Air, we proudly offer services in forest fire suppression, providing rapid and effective aerial support to combat wildfires.

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Forrest Fire Suppression

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At Breton Air, we specialize in forest fire suppression, providing rapid and effective aerial support to combat wildfires. With our experienced team and advanced firefighting helicopters, we are equipped to respond swiftly to fire emergencies in dense forested areas. Our skilled pilots and dedicated crew work tirelessly to drop water and fire retardant precisely, targeting the affected areas with precision. We collaborate closely with ground crews and fire management teams to develop comprehensive strategies that prioritize safety and the containment of fires. Breton Air's expertise in forest fire suppression ensures a swift and coordinated response, helping to protect lives, property, and invaluable natural resources. Trust us to be your trusted partner in combating wildfires, as we work together to safeguard our forests and communities.

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Matt and his helicopter service was outstanding. Went to Nova Scotia for a golf trip with my dad, brother, and best friend... and flew a couple of different days to various resorts. Matt's communication was excellent and [he] was a safe and expert pilot. We'll be back!!

Mark Ebert
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These guys are Pros!!! From booking to flight, couldn’t ask for a smoother process. Will definitely go back 👌 Thanks for the smooth trip gents 🙌

Joe Godbout
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These guys are true professionals and I highly recommend their business to anyone. Cape Breton from the air is much different than the view from a car and these guys can give the best view while having the experience to back it up. Highly recommended.

Myles Carter
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